Global Reach

Global Reach

Singapore Based


Straits Real Estate Pte. Ltd. is a real estate investment company that seeks out and participates in real estate related investment opportunities globally. SRE invests in properties as well as property platforms in both private and public markets, across the full equity and debt spectrum and asset classes. This mobility allows the company to participate in optimal structures to take advantage of investment opportunities that present themselves.

The company is co-owned by The Straits Trading Company Limited and the John Lim Family Office, the investment holding group of companies founded by Mr John Lim, who is also founder, Group Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of ARA Asset Management Limited.




Conceptualised and established as a real estate investment company, SRE excels in identifying and executing investment opportunities that are laden with value-creation potential. Combining real estate knowledge, capital markets expertise, and proactive asset management, SRE is able to extract and realise such value in a time-effective manner. The company places a high degree of emphasis on capital efficiency in its acquisition and operational decisions.


Headquartered in Singapore, SRE invests extensively across Asia and beyond, targeting gateway and business cities for attractive investment propositions. Highly adapted to international investing with extensive transaction experience and wide business networks, the company actively seeks to collaborate with local real estate experts to benefit from their valuable knowledge and on-the-ground experience.


SRE and its shareholders are strongly committed to its investment partners and stakeholders. The company is well capitalised to take advantage of opportunities arising from tight liquidity conditions, space and capital market dislocations, private and public markets mismatches, and other advantageous opportunities.