A Global Real Estate Investor

Straits Real Estate Pte. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Straits Trading Company Limited, is a real estate investment company that seeks out and participates in real estate related investment opportunities globally. SRE invests in properties as well as property platforms in both private and public markets, across the full equity and debt spectrum and asset classes. This mobility allows the company to participate in optimal structures to take advantage of investment opportunities that present themselves.

SRE plays a pivotal role in the Straits Trading Company’s real estate ecosystem as a capital investor that focuses on value extraction and creation in the real estate space. Its core competencies lie in its ability in identifying mispriced assets or platforms, pricing that variance, and correspondingly identifying the most efficient capital structure.

SRE is not restricted to any one geographical market or property sector nor is it constrained by the usual need for real estate companies and developers to build in-house operational expertise. Rather, it seeks to create shareholder value by investing capital into an array of real estate opportunities, each with different risk profiles and appropriate risk-adjusted return targets. This is often done in collaboration with local partners who are experts in their markets and fields.

The SRE management team, which comprises highly experienced real estate private equity professionals, is well adapted to execute these strategies. As at 31 December 2020, SRE has S$1.9 billion in assets under management in a well-diversified investment portfolio across various asset classes spanning China, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Australia and South Korea.